One Love One Vision

Unite and live as one unity. It is not about the number of people but the one love around them. Let us spread this vision in many ways for that one cause.
Replacing you and I with we and us
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Justice For All (First Edition) 

RPM ERA would like to thank you once more for joining our movement in purchasing our first edition hoodie *Justice for All*. Your purchase can make a difference.
Wear it, be seen and be heard
Make others aware about domestic abuse, mistreated partner/family member and the involvement of physical harm.There are so many people around the world going through it everyday. Some are lucky to survive but there are unfortunate ones.  
RPMERA Apparel
This special edition made hoodie is dedicated to Johana Samaca Garzon who has been a victim of this, a mother of two children from Colombia. She has been hospitalised and in a coma for 3 years now. She was beaten, thrown out the window from the fourth floor and very lucky to still be alive. The following is a link to a documentary in Colombia involving Johana Samaca's incident in 2011. Please be warned as this video contains scenes that may be disturbing.

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