Rideout RPM ERA - Homeless Project

Homeless Project
Posted by: Ranjan at 21:00
RPM ERA hosted a Homeless project that involved a collaborative effort from riders of our various divisions.

We wanted to portray our positive influence on society by giving back to the needy. We believe that even the poor deserve the basic living essentials without harsh discrimination that society enforces on them.

The Homeless Project: This ride out consisted of gathering various essentials via donations both inside and outside RPM ERA to give to those in need. Some of these items included Food, drinks and blankets. 10-15 of our Riders travelled all around London searching for homeless people who were living on the streets and struggling during the harsh weather. This search did not just consist of a drop off of donations but also our members sat and talked to the individuals, engaged in a conversation with them, shared thoughts and let them know that even though times are hard and the system makes it continuously harder to live that there are people out there that are willing to help and accept anyone.

RPM ERA will continue to host rides and events like this. Stay tuned for ones in the future and contact us should you wish to get involved.

The RPM ERA team want to give a special shoutout to Ranjan for organising this one. Some of his kind words: "Only when we 'do' it, we understand the spiritual connection' - Ranjan


Homeless Project

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